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The brilliance parted, and the floor beneath Ian vanished. He fell. He lay sprawled beneath Aodh, too stunned to muster even the slightest defense. And then Aodh leaned in closer, pressing hard against him. Ian felt the rigidity of his dick through the layers of fabric between them, and then he understood. Like a silly teenager with a crush he grinned up at the red cap.

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All foolish, awkward, and full of teeth, he smiled. But his eyes, those impossible new-penny eyes, sparked with joy—and desire. How long had it been for him? Had he ever had any lovers of his own choosing? Any at all? He gathered the red hair in his hands, gripping the coarse strands between his fingers, clutching at them like a child afraid of losing a favorite toy. Ian bolted up to assist, but a wave of dizziness almost sent him crashing back to the ground.

Then, he gently laid him back onto the ground.

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He leaned over Ian, concern in his eyes. Aodh covered his mouth again.

Ian lifted his chin to meet him, letting Aodh feed on his mouth and tongue. A brief image of the window-Aodh slicing his throat flooded his mind, but Ian drove it away, determined. Aodh lifted his hips and let him drive the fabric as far down as his boots would allow, then returned to blanketing him. He seized his cock with simmering fingers, stroking it against his palm in a soft, slow rhythm.

Aodh again lifted his hips to accommodate his urgency. It simmered against his damp hand, hot and ready. Ian wanted to take the fiery thing into his mouth, to explore the thick shaft and tease the enlarged head. That sound, as brief as it was, nearly drove Ian wild. He pulled Aodh against him and feverishly kissed him. Their tongues entwined in an urgent, desperate dance, tasting and exploring each other. The sensation was warm, alluring, and almost bordering on pain. He almost let out a protesting cry when Aodh suddenly pulled back.

A moment later, Aodh had one of his nipples in his mouth, gently biting, licking, and sucking. Aodh pulled against the pressure of his hands, stretching his nipples out, moaning with the pleasurable pain. Ian, forgetting his condition, bolted up to put one in his mouth. Ian cried out. Aodh started to pull away, but Ian pressed his head back down. Aodh slid more of his shaft into his mouth, sending a blaze of pleasure along his skin and into his core. The pain was terrible. The pleasure was even greater.

Never had he felt such completeness of sensation.

His fingers rubbed the taut skin just behind then moved to tease the opening with his fingers. Ian stiffened. Aodh immediately drew back, tense.

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Ian lifted his head to look down at Aodh, who knelt like a god between his knees. The heat of their passion had ignited the blood in the red cap. It smoldered orange beneath his skin. He smiled, awestruck. Aodh dipped his head, uncomfortable at his unabashed admiration. Sign In 0. Erotic Romance.

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Beautiful Bastard. An ambitious intern.

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