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But even though the Moon is airless and practically unchanging, not every lunar reflection is the same. The brightness of the Moon depends on the exact angle between the Earth, Moon, and Sun. For example, the brightness of a full Moon is usually quoted at magnitude around —13, about 14 magnitudes or , times fainter than the Sun. Yet the full Moon is about six times brighter than a first- or last-quarter half-illuminated Moon. That's because, during the full Moon, sunlight strikes the lunar surface nearly straight on from Earth's perspective, with few shadows.

The Moon-Sun-Earth angles would be easy enough to calculate if the Moon were in a circular orbit, but not only does the Moon vary in distance during its elliptical orbit around Earth, it also rocks slowly back and forth libration and side to side nutation as it keeps one face turned perpetually Earthward. As a result, the angle of sunlight on the Moon's face follows a complex but predictable cycle that repeats roughly every 20 years. Until now, the intricacy of those changes have limited the Moon's usefulness as a calibration source.

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