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The rarity and complex production are reflected in a price much higher than most spices. Mastiha is produced in 24 specific Mastiha Villages, Mastihohoria, in the southern, coastal area of Chios, Greece. Cooking with mastic tears is very special. Before you start, smell the flavor.

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How do you like it? Mastic is a precious, extremely versatile spice that enhances just about every dish. It has a distinctive flavor, fresh and slightly pine-like. A small amount goes a long way. Too much can leave a bitter aftertaste. Give your favorite dinner dish a new flavor, follow one of our starter recipes, or find your favorite recipe on our website. Decide first how you prefer to use the included Mastic Tears pouch, as a flavored oil or ground powder.

Both ways need different preparations. Here are some Greek cake recipes. For all you can add ground mastic tears to the batter to get this special flavor:. Skip to content.

Mastiha Tears, 50gr – globalhealthlab

No Tears Left? Unique Mastic Tears. Discover New Flavors Every Month. The Tears of Chios.

Mastic Tears from the Island of Chios

Natural Mastic Drop on the Tree. Greek Islands. Cooking With Mastic Tears. Choose one of these two preparations for your Mastic Tears and find recipes below:. Mastic infused olive oil see recipe below Grind Mastic Tears see recipe below. Print Recipe.


Cuisine Greek. In a small POT, heat olive oil over low heat. Add all mastic tears and stir over low heat until they are dissolved. Pour oil into a glass container and let cool. It keeps fresh in a cool, dark place. Always stir or shake oil before using it.

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Drizzle tbsp mastic oil over salads, vegetables, or feta. Find the recipe for Halloumi Salad below. Reheat cooked broccoli or another firm vegetable in 1 tbsp mastic oil and garlic. Serve as a side. Place pouch with mastic tears for 1 hour in the freezer. Mastiha contributes to a healthy gastrointestinal system and has beneficial effects for both oral hygiene and skin care. Chewing Chios Mastiha is a truly unique experience.

To create your own natural piece of gum, select a few medium pieces of Mastiha, or combine a small piece with a large one. The larger pieces tend to be softer than the small ones, so it is recommended that one chew a mixture rather than chew only the small, hard pieces.

Before chewing, let the pieces moisten in your mouth.

The Mastic Tree--The Tree of Tears - The Chios Mastic Museum

The mastiha may taste a bit bitter at first, but that taste fades into a light herbal flavor. Begin chewing and the mastiha becomes a white silky color. The resin keeps its hard texture indefinitely and this is precisely why it is recommended for gum health and amazingly clean teeth! Keep chewing the gum for a half hour in order to gain all the therapeutic benefits.

Since time immemorial in the Eastern Mediterranean mastic was used as a seasoning in pastries sweet and savory in ice cream the mastic helps to develop the thick structure , in milk based desserts and in other confectionary products. Mastic is traditionally added to Christmas and Easter pies. For example, in some regions of Greece it is used to flavour the sweet cheesy filling of Easter pies dough. Furthermore, mastic can flavour olive oil and alcoholic beverages.

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Nowadays, chefs have proved that this spice with its unique aromatic can go along with a lot of foods like meat, fish and sauces. Mastic is also widely used in perfumes, cosmetics and medicine. Mastic is an exclusively Greek product, produced on the island of Chios. What is interesting to know is that the mastic tree does not grow anywhere else in the world except for this little island in the Aegean Sea!

For the collection of the raw mastic, small incisions are made on the trunk of the trees and the mastic gum flows in the form of liquid drops which become solid as soon as they come into contact with the air, they are washed by hand and dried. Mastic is of great interest because of its use as a seasoning, an ointment and a remedy, which helps ulcer and other stomach diseases and is valuable for oral hygiene.

The uniqueness and versatility of mastic as a spice is that it can be used equivalently in sweet and savory recipes, perfectly blending with any ingredients such as citrus and tomatoes to chocolate, cream and yoghurt. To use as a spice, all you have to do is crush the tears using a mortar and pestle with a pinch of salt for savory or sugar for sweet. Mastic of Chios is known and used for many centuries and little has changed in the mastic production process. Chios Mastiha Growers Association was founded in to help commercialize the product and ensure the income of the growers.