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Three Billy Goats Gruff

And if the fat hasn't fallen off them, why, they're still fat; and so,. Return to the table of contents. The first had one little belly, the second had two little bellies, and the third had three little bellies.

The one with one little belly was soon full and was the first to go home. But a wolf laid himself across the narrow mountain path and said, "Run! Run, or I'll eat you up! I am very skinny, but a goat will soon come who has two little bellies. He will fill you up.

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Then came the second goat, the one with two little bellies, and who was now full. The wolf said to him as well, "Run! I am only half meat, but a goat will soon come who has three little bellies, and who will fill you up completely. Then came the third goat, the one with three little bellies. He had finally gotten full. The wolf said to him, "Run! And there the poor rascal lay. He wanted the biggest and fattest mouthfull, but instead got nothing -- but pain. Translated by D. The original text does not identify the goats' natural as opposed to grammatical gender. I have arbitrarily made them masculine.

This fable is from Lusatia German Lausitz , which historically was centred on the Neisse and upper Spree rivers, and contained a mixed Slavic and German population. The eastern part of Lusatia now belongs to Poland, the western part to Germany. How the Goats Came to Hessen Germany In olden, olden times, the land of Hessen was surrounded by great forests which were inhabited by many wolves. Many a family of goats attempted to enter the land, but were torn apart by the bloodthirsty beasts.

One day a weak little kid goat was making his way toward Hessen. He had hardly entered the forest before a wolf confronted him and wanted to tear him to pieces. The wolf thought, "Don't spoil your appetite. So I added a little dish with Playmobil flowers and added a handful of chickpeas from our winter sensory box for them to use as rocks or whatever. And then I sprinkled a bit of glitter over the play dough.

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Kids will naturally want to engage with any invitation that looks inviting and has a good variety of sensory elements. Most kids will know the story too so they might just jump in straight away.

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I grabbed the opportunity myself to start reading and pointing out things that happened or asking questions. An activity like this is very grateful since you simply can not go wrong. Any kind of engagement is great. For example Miss Glitter 6 is learning to read and was naturally more interested in reading the story or recognizing words and letters. Mister T 3,5 on the other hand played out some interesting arguments between the goats and the troll.

Yes, that happened. He was also very interested in pushing the flowers and chickpeas into the play dough, looking for that sensory experience.

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There you have it, two children at two different stages of development exploring the same invitation in completely different ways. I tend to leave an invitation out for a couple of days I sometimes reset it when it looks all over the place so the children can come back to it and continue exploring, playing, recreating or expanding and here come the dinosaurs! An activity like this combines four of my favorite great creative play mediums: invitations to play, small worlds, creative storytelling and sensory play.

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