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Sõber Raamat: A Venetian Affair

That way we can all get a clear and organized overview of all the November releases. Lyons Broken Nov5 C. Rhymes With Love 2.

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Jance Judgment Call Nov21 J. J: The Autobiography Nov5 K. Hendin Heart Breaths Nov3 K. Hall Entangled Evolve 2. Kline Rodeo Queen Nov26 T. The only clues it left behind were the bodies of a dozen female passengers and the male captain, pulled from Casco Bay several days later. The Owl's Warning : Pulp mystery novel set in Maine. A classic whodunit. Death on the Rocks : Murder mystery set in the Moosehead Lake region, A frozen body is found in a hunting lodge and a victim vanishes without leaving any footprints in the snow.

Retired priest Father Timothy O'Toole helps investigate. Meeting in a gay bar in Boston, a group of lesbians form bonds and develop mutual interests that lead them to Maine. The savage crime draws midwife Hannah Trevor into an investigation that could destroy everything and everyone she loves.

A sequence of terrible murders rocks the town of Rufford as the widowed midwife Hannah fights to keep her 8-year-old daughter. The Burning Bride : In , the townsfolk of Rufford, Maine are having their annual military celebration, which is interrupted by the death of the town's so-called surgeon, who is found with a bullet to his head and chest, and his feet burned.

The novel concerns fly-fishing, hunting, and the unlikely friendship between professor Brant Healey and Louis, an unlettered, superstitious woodsman. Vermont author. Brie Beaumont has taken a leave from the Minnesota Police Department. Suffering from post-traumatic stress after her partner is killed, she has gone to Maine, a place that holds fond memories from her childhood. Caught in a gale, they anchor off remote and windswept Granite Island. When someone aboard is murdered, Brie must single-handedly stage an investigation that moves from the ship to a small fishing village on the island.

The fictional tourist town of Archers Beach in Maine hosts a war of faerie magic in this engaging fantasy. Tracy James leaves her contented life in Florida to become involved in a mind-controlling cult in Maine and to learn why an old family friend's lobster business is being sabotaged. Could also be suitable for young adults. Features Lionel Essrog, a detective with Tourette's syndrome, who tracks down the killer of his boss, Frank Minna.

The telegrams are signed Jason Bourne, but are actually sent by Carlos, the Jackal. What these two men share is the closely guarded secret of Jason Bourne's true identity; Bourne is really David Webb, professor of Oriental studies, husband and father of two children, now nearing his fiftieth birthday and living on a remote campus in Maine. Under a Willow Tree : Dud Dean stories about angling, hunting and camping in the wilds of Maine.

Of course when Katz is found dead at the base of a cliff, the police turn their attention to someone who had a lot to lose if Katz's plans were to come to fruition -- Natalie. Dead and Berried : Heading out to pick cranberries one autumn morning, Natalie stumbles across the body of her part-time helper with a gunshot wound to the chest. To complicate things, he ex-fiance comes to town, significantly cooling her budding relationship with the handsome guy next door.

A dastardly gang of rogues is sneaking around Balaclava county Mass. Helen Shandy, a librarian, travels to Sasquamahoc, Maine, to protect another priceless vane, and while there goes on a whale watching tour, which is hijacked by the vane snatchers. Setting is an isolated summer place on Pocapuk Island, Maine. Something in the Water : Professor Peter Shandy, New England's homegrown Hercule Poirot, has journeyed to the Maine coast in search of a mystery flower-and to escape his wife's all female house party. Now, supping at a country inn, he witnesses sudden death as a town bully keels over into his chicken pot pie.

Is it fowl play? Ruth is a Boston lawyer in a high-powered job. Her husband Paul, a professor, is beginning to drink too much. Both have been unfaithful. Their daughter, Josie, is going through a hostile and difficult adolescence.

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Then Josie drowns in a boating accident while they're on vacation, and the family falls apart even further. But when their son and only surviving child contracts cancer, Ruth and Paul are drawn back together -- only to be tested one more time by another crisis. Partially set in Maine. Masters of Midnight : Comprised of four novellas -- set in Maine, Arkansas, San Francisco, and West Virginia -- in which vampires play a prominent and erotically gay role.

The Maine novella: 'Thirty years ago in Cravensport, Maine murders and disappearances occurred with no explanation. Jeremy thinks the story will make a good human-interest piece, but he also has a personal stake in the story as one of the vanished was his father' [from Harriet Klausner review]. Volume Two. MARKS, Jason Chiaroscuro : Set in the late s, a story about a year-old boy living on an island off the coast of Maine with his parents and his struggles to enter adulthood.

Dewey and his pregnant wife, Judith, are spending a relaxing summer on small, unpopulated Cranberry Island in Maine. The many strange and surreal events unfolding about their isolated cottage keep turning ever more ominous until disaster strikes. Dewey and Judith take turns alternating the reins of narration, as each of them clarifies their side of what went so terribly wrong. She escapes, meets a former special forces POW and a young gay model dreaming of stardom, and starts to create a new life with them, not knowing her family are searching for her.


When she finds herself in danger, can Marcus help her? Eight years later, he's not prepared for feisty southern belle Riley Garland! My Maine Man , Book 4. What begins as an escape into her aunt's mysterious past becomes an exploration of her own identity and guilt. Set in the fictional town of Cape Wood, featuring the Southern Maine coast as a lush but haunting backdrop.

Set in Maine? A rich, dying old man desiring to find out the truth about life after death, hires three people -- a scientist and two mediums -- and giving them 7 days, sends them to stay at Belasco House in Maine, a known haunted house, in an effort to answer his question. Filmed as Legend of Hell House in with a screenplay by Matheson. Polly Harris is a mentally fragile woman.

In the middle of a hospital emergency room, Polly locks eyes with her year-old neighbor Heather just before Heather dies of her traumatic wounds; Polly understands that Heather is somehow now within her. Meanwhile, Tim Harris, Polly's husband, is ready to spend the summer in Maine with Polly and their son Brian, working on the old family house. But their summer is not tranquil.

Polly continually hears Heather's voice, warning her of some terrible danger. She glimpses shadows of people in empty rooms and faces pressed briefly against windows. Slowly things fall into place and Polly realizes that not only is she haunted but so is the old Harris house. The danger Heather warns her of is real and present. Murder at Teatime : What better antidote to the pressures of Broadway than a vacation on an elegant island off the Maine coast?

That's what Charlotte Graham thinks until her seaside getaway lands her knee-deep in local intrigue. A fanatical book collector, a witch specializing in herbal remedies, and a crusty old lobster fisherman are at odds over land, love, and money. And when someone spikes a cup of tea with poison, Charlotte may end up in a lethal brew.

Murder on High : Charlotte Graham may be seventy-one, but she's a fit and feisty Yankee with a talent for sleuthing. From the cliffs of Maine's highest mountain, Mount Katahdin, to the world of Hollywood, this complex mystery is rich with natural and historical detail. Eccentric characters on both coasts enliven Charlotte's search for the truth. Turn Home : Returned veteran stands on his own merits in a Maine village. October Fire : Maine village half destroyed by forest fire. Art is steady, the backbone of the thriving lobster and fish packing business their father has left; Steve is handsome, a bachelor, with a string of ladies.

The novel tells of one summer in their lives when the hidebound Maine twins patch up their difficulties. Meanwhile, Gunther has learned that his girlfriend Lyn's fisherman father and brother, believed lost at sea off the coast of Maine, might have actually been murdered. Greeley, the cynical hard drinking crooked cop, had done some dirty things in his life, but there were limits -- well, maybe.

Set New England Maine? Horn of Plenty : 'A warm story with a happy ending. A young girl from Andros, Maine, is the sole survivor of the Lavinia after the ship burns off the southern coast of Africa in Red Right Returning : Set on a Penobscot Bay island, novel follows the lives of a dozen islanders and their families through tragedy, change, and triumph. Although the story begins just after World War II, it explores timeless island themes: the subtle tensions and attractions between islanders and summer people, the special dynamics of island life, the inevitable competition for lobsters, and how an island community adjusts to change.

MEIER, Leslie Mail-Order Murder: A Christmas Mystery : First of the Lucy Stone Mystery Series, all of which take place in the village of Tinker's Cove, Maine Tippy-Toe Murder : A pregnant Lucy is on the trail of Caroline Hutton, a retired dance teacher who has mysteriously disappeared, when the irascible local hardware merchant, Morrill Slack, takes a deathblow to the head with a video camera, and Franny Small, the hapless salesgirl with the perfect motive, has no alibi for how she spent the afternoon of the murder.

Trick or Treat Murder : The serenity of Tinker's Cove, Maine, is shattered when an arsonist creates havoc and sends amateur sleuth and mother of four Lucy Stone investigating. After several historic buildings are damaged or destroyed by fire, the stakes escalate when the body of socialite Monica Mayes is found inside the charred wreckage of her summer home. Back to School Murder : A bomb goes off with the noon lunch bell at the local elementary school, but not before all the kids are safely evacuated and the new assistant principal, is hailed as a hero.

By the time the smoke clears, the fallout has resulted in murder. Everyone is stunned when the most popular teacher at school is arrested for the crime. But not everyone is buying the open-and-shut case, including Lucy Stone. Mistletoe Murder : As if baking holiday cookies, knitting a sweater for her husband's gift, and making her daughter's angel costume for the church pageant weren't enough, Lucy is also working nights at the famous mail-order company Country Cousins.

But when she discovers Sam Miller, its very wealthy founder, dead in his car from an apparent suicide, the sleuth in her knows something just doesn't smell right. Christmas Cookie Murder : Before Lucy Stone can befriend Tinker's Cove's newest female resident, Tucker Whitney, an assistant at the daycare center, Tucker is found strangled to death. Everyone in town knows that Tucker was having an affair with Steve Cummings, who was separated from his wife, but when Steve is arrested for murder, even his wife strongly feels her spouse is incapable of performing the act.

Lucy begins to snoop. Wedding Day Murder : Lucy is helping her best friend plan a wedding reception. When the groom's body is found floating in the nearby sea, a victim of murder, almost everyone within in town has a motive. Birthday Party Murder : While trying to organize two birthday parties, Lucy Stone investigates the apparent suicide of attorney Sherman Cobb. Star Spangled Murder : The focus is on small town politics: a dog accused of killing chickens, lobster poaching, nudists swimming at the local watering hole.

Bake Sale Murder : Hometown football and cheerleading, local developers, and bake sales are all part of this latest in the Lucy Stone series, set in Tinker's Cove, Maine. MELANSON, Susan Chapman Wentworth-by-the-Sea, : Novel about life in the main dining room of one of the last of the grand resort hotels, told from the perspective of a waitress working her way through college. Author lives in South Hiram. Colby, Stephen Petroff, Lucy Honig, and others.

Camden, Maine, was the setting for the movie. But when Joanne heard the same child's voice that her sister had heard wailing in the woods, she knew something terrible was happening. Takes place Bar Harbor, Maine. She awakened with nothing more than a wedding ring -- and directions to Jason Walker's secluded island.

Georgia Rice is diagnosed with tuberculosis and sent away to a sanitarium where she meets the doomed young man who will become her lover. Eighty years later, Georgia's granddaughter Catherine stumbles upon the true story of her grandmother's life and marriage, and of the misunderstanding upon which she built a lasting love.

She works with Pete Novotny, the new police chief, formerly a homicide cop in Philadelphia. The story begins when a body is found in a snowbank during the spring thaw. The two ATF agents involved battle criminal elements as well as red tape, political posturing and corruption within the U. Spoonhandle : Pete Stilwell and his sister Agnes want money and think they can get it by siding with the summer people against their neighbors and their brothers, Willie and Hod, who live on Little Spoon Island and fish for a living. The Fire Balloon : Novel set in Maine in Candlemas Bay : The story of the Ellis family in a small Maine seacoast town during and Speak to the Winds : A novel about the people who live on a small Maine island and make their living from fishing.

Very down-home and comfortable. The Voyage of the Chianti : Locked-room mystery set aboard the luxury yacht Chianti, sailing from Boston to Maine. Augustine's, a co-ed boarding school on Maine's Mt. Desert Island. Non-series novel : Reality and Dream: A Christmas Story : Story of a mother's love, disappointment, disillusion, hope, renewal.

Discouraged, almost defeated, she desperately tries one last time to unite the hard realities of middle age with the bright dreams of youth in this moving story of love and rapprochement. All but one of the major characters are between sixty and ninety-five, struggling to understand their aging. The stories take place between the s and the present in fictitious Maine towns and are filled with unforgettable characters.

Rockhaven : Set on Maine coast. When his celebrity canine, Jellyroll, is targeted by a stalker who is sending macabre and threatening cartoons, Artie Deemer and his girlfriend Crystal take the dog to a remote Maine island, where they are soon joined by a serial killer. Third in this mystery series. Entrance is free with donations welcome so please come along and support this wonderful group of performers.

McAleer cut his comedy teeth on the UK circuit back in the mists of the 's. Everyone's favourite Christmas classics and nativity verses will light up The Playhouse in an evening of Christmas choir music. Presented by Colmcille Ladies Choir, a night of festive music and verse will mark the third anniversary of the passing of Sister Aloysius McVeigh of the Sisters of Mercy, the much loved iconographer and artist in residence at The Playhouse. Will perform on the night, as will local male group The Columbians and suprano Andrew Ferry. For 40 years the Colmcille Ladies Choir have brought their exquisite music and talents to this city, from Bishop Daly's Golden Jubilee and their Christmas Spectacular, both of which were held in St.

The evening of beautiful music and seasonal readings is about a warm celebration of the season of goodwill, as well as celebrating the life of Sister Aloysius, who touched so many lives here at The Playhouse. I thought they'd be one tiny room with a mattress on the floor, where you and your child would sleep behind a dodgy door with druggies coming to kill you in the night".

Maria is going places. She's getting an education, a degree, and she's getting out. Then she gets pregnant - and like that Placed in sheltered accommodation she discovers a world beyond hooped earrings and pyjamas, through friendship, night-feeds and WKD. That said this is a nuanced and relevant discussion of issues that, as a society, we all too often prefer to brush under the carpet. Fionnuala Kennedy has skillfully created a piece of theatre that will stand the test of time and has relevance all over the world.

Throughout, the play includes a range of individual responses to what happened from until now and how their exposure in the media spotlight threatened their journey. This series of monologues have been performed by young people all over the world and give an insight into what life is like for some people living in Gaza today. In this production the monologues have been adapted using improvisations created by the members of First Call.

It is an insightful piece of theatre which showcases rich local talent in absorbing performances. Our individual and community identity is shaped by the rich history of the special place in which we live. As a city, we are indebted to an army of professional and amateur historians, who continuously mine repositories of this great knowledge. To bring fresh insights on the history of the Hill of Derry to the widest possible audience, the Playhouse and Holywell Trust have instituted this annual lecture, dedicating it to the memory of the late Annesley Malley.

The lecture will be delivered by eminent historian Dr Brian Lacey. The building of plantation Londonderry was a seismic historic shift. Subsequently many factors influenced the development of the city that we know today, only a few of which could be traced to what had been there before. This lecture will have two themes; what was the history of Derry before the plantation and, since the latter, what retrospection on its medieval settlement influenced the modern city? The lecture will be introduced by local historian, writer and broadcaster, Ken Mc Cormack. Both Ken and Brian were close friends of Annesley.

Tickets for this event will not be make available online. To book contact Maximum of four tickets per customer. A group of friends have formed a new band. Now all they have to do is raise the money to get to London to audition for the world's biggest talent contest. Costumes, songs and fundraising techniques may divide opinion but one girl has a far more important choice to make. A brand new local theatre company bring to life this tale about friendship, a journey and the risks that teenagers take when plunged into an adult world.

Albert and Equiano tells the story of the remarkable 18th century Nigerian Olaudah Equiano through the eyes of a disenchanted museum caretaker in South West England. Kidnapped at the age of 10 Equiano became a leading figure in the Abolition Movement. Deep in the museum basement Albert uncovers a portrait he has never seen before, which has an unusual and powerful effect on him. Both Albert and audience are taken on an imaginative roller coaster through time and space as this extraordinary story unfolds.

They are now also developing an international reputation performing overseas, including the US. Hailing from the picturesque village of Malin in the Inishowen Peninsula, County Donegal, they have a unique sound which blends classic traditional Irish folk music with a hint of Americana, a nod to bluegrass and many more in between. They are renowned for their fine close harmonies and musical arrangements, and have been likened to many other harmonising siblings such as The McGarrigle Sisters, The Andrews Sisters and The Everly Brothers..

Irish Music Magazine, Music Review Unsigned, Now Connor is proud to announce the launch of Big Moon, his eagerly awaited debut album and it's being launched with a full live performance in the Playhouse with some very special guests and support. There will be copies of the album available on the night and the first 30 people to book tickets will receive a free signed copy!

From the pen of former republican prisoner and novelist Sam Millar, and directed by Martin Lynch, this exciting new work tells the story of two brothers - one a dissident republican, the other a Sinn Fein MLA - who come together to bury their father. Despite their mother's pleas to let their father rest in peace, old resentments rise to the surface in this incisive exploration of the divisions in modern-day republicanism.

Drawing on the playwright's own experiences, Brothers in Arms is an unflinching exploration of the history of the republican movement and the challenges it currently faces. With one section of republicans at the heart of the Stormont government and another section planting bombs and shooting policemen, this play takes an explosive look at what this split means, not only to the Mullan family, but the future of our entire community. Afghan community-based theatre practitioner Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichhorn will deliver a powerful talk on his experiences of using the arts in areas of conflict at The Playhouse.

During his time in the North West, Hjalmar is working with local professionals in his fully subscribed masterclass in The Playhouse. Participants will learn new methodologies, which they can apply to their own community-based work. AHRDO works to promote democracy, a culture of non-violence and the respect for human rights in Afghanistan. This acclaimed international artist will also bring his different interactive theatre methodologies to Coleraine, working with young people in three different areas of Coleraine, Harpurs Hill, The Heights and Ballysally.

Working with Coleraine Community group, Focus on Family, the project will challenge and encourage young people to explore social issues affecting them in their area. Hjalmar works as an independent community-based theatre practitioner and has used different interactive theatre methodologies as a conflict transformation, reconciliation and community-building tool in various conflict and post- conflict countries including Colombia, Ucraine, Rwanda, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

As one of the founders of the AHRDO, Hjalmar has helped create an independent organization that employs a variety of arts and theatre-based programs, creating space for dialogue, peace-building, social justice and public participation. Hjalmar also holds a Masters in Peace and Development Studies and is driven by the belief that it is ordinary people that must be at the core of any genuine peace building endeavour. He strives to create physical and emotional safe spaces, allowing for deep personal and collective introspection as well as the creation of genuinly respectful human relationships.

These relationships eventually result in the self-empowerment and mobilization necessary for peace from below to occur. Following the sell out success of his last show, Neil Delamere returns with the national tour of his highly anticipated new show, Restructuring. Equally hilarious on and off script, don't miss this five star comedy maestro. Handy hints on how to handle the UK traffic police will be dispensed as well as sage advice on why not to pour olive oil in your ears.

One of the sharpest comedy minds in the Irish comedy scene today, this born story-teller takes to the stage with his original brand of razor sharp wit and hilarious anecdotes making Restructuring a must-see for any discerning comedy fan. This young group of children, under the direction of local drama teachers Loretta Bradley and Brenda Grant, have been together for three years.

The children range from the ages of 3- 13 and this is their third annual show, held for the first time at The Playhouse. A great evening of acting, singing, dancing and musical mania is guaranteed so come along and enjoy the fun at this great family treat! Melmoth the Wanderer, colourful, condensed and quirky show based on the first ever horror novel, adapted by the hugely popular Big Telly and scripted by Nicola McCartney.

Five chancers present a terrifying tale of temptation, torture and a traveller desperate to find someone to take over his pact and release him from immortality. Who will take on his curse? His only surviving relative? Or a stranger in the depths of despair? Or an innocent child raised on a desert island with no knowledge of the world? Or the clowns compelled to play out this extraordinary tale of temptation, desire and cannibalism who may well have bitten off more than they can chew Comic surrealism meets shock horror in this series of ridiculous situations where innocent eccentrics struggle to survive.

A random playground of the bizarre inspired by Saw, Psycho, Tim Burton and Fawlty Towers using projection, animation and squeaky toys. This is the sort of delirious chaos that sets Big Telly apart. The wildly talented company of six actor-musicians attack Spike Milligan's absurd comic novel with inspired physical gusto Funny, sometimes shocking, moving and unashamedly honest, these potent stories from a range of ages, ethnicities and sexualities make for a riotous entertaining ultimate girl's night out and Men you might learn a thing or two!

Dougie's guests include long-time mate and fellow amateur philosopher Barry, mature student Bernard and Helen's gay younger brother Daniel. Hard-hitting humour and topical debate abound as Dougie and Barry's fragile and self-serving egos are repeatedly confounded by the well-informed and progressive-thinking Daniel who is ably abetted by Bernard in swatting down the ill-informed and prejudiced duo. As the drink flows and the insults are traded, Barry and Dougie end up with black eyes and a lot more besides. Both men get a chance to learn from a difficult experience.

But will they? Jenni has met a lovely boy. He is interested in everything she does. He always wants to know where she is and what she's doing. He texts her all the time and follows her every move on facebook. But things start to take a turn, and Jenni isn't so sure anymore. This new play follows the ups and downs of a young woman's relationship as It goes from being near perfect to becoming an impossible nightmare.

The production explores the issue of abusive relationships among young people. It will tour to schools and community venues in the North West. As Belfast prepares to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the iceberg the great ship's nemesis provides an apt symbol for Northern Ireland's continuing peace process. Above the surface is the public face of the peace, but what of the great mass of untold and often problematic stories hidden beneath the official version?

Events will include specially devised performances, talks, seminars and round-table discussions. All events will be free and all are welcome to attend, especially community leaders and members, ex-combatants, students and artists of all kinds. For more information and booking contact Elaine on , email Elaine derryplayhouse.

On her tenth birthday, Marianne is forced to bed with a fever. Bored, she picks up a pencil and starts to draw a house. That night she dreams. And as she dreams, she finds herself in the very house she has drawn. Inside the house, is a boy who seems strangely familiar.

Together they begin an adventure. But is it real or a dream? Marianne Dreams brings you something you won't have seen before As the tale unfolds, an animated world appears plunging the audience into this intriguingly moody world, desperate to know how the story ends. Moira Buffini is an award-winning writer whose plays have been performed all over the world. She has also written several screenplays including Tamara Drewe and current box office winner, Jane Eyre. A new production by the highly esteemed Replay Theatre Company, this play is perfect for both primary schools and first year post primary.

In this engaging one-woman play, Lady Gregory, founder of the Abbey Theatre, speaks frankly about her extraordinary life; her love affairs, her family, and her politics, as she embraces the vision of a New Ireland that she did so much to create. The production was performed previously in the Playhouse and has been brought back in response to demands that it should be seen again.

Long hailed as one of Ireland's leading songwriters and performers, Kieran Goss's music has won him fans across the globe. But if his songs have made him a star, his live shows have made him a legend.

Päikese kirjastuse uued raamatud

Live on stage is where Kieran Goss really shines. This is a rare chance to see Kieran performing live and solo. Don't miss it! The encores were genuine, but only because the man is too. A gathering for cultural exchange between communities. Workshops, music, performance the citizens wallpaper exhibition, talks and friendship.

Citizens Wallpaper project: Introduction and discussion. Martin Nangle photojournalist explains how citizens can join the project to create their own Wallpaper around their view on their world. Please contact the Playhouse if you are interested in attending. Art house Film: "1 Giant Leap What about Me. A wonderfully creative musical journey with a host of stars, thinkers and the public.

The film visits fifty locations around the world collecting wisdom and musical jewels. Not to be missed. Harpist Tracey McRory and guest musicians will play for you. Join the craic, talks and discussions with people of different walks from across our society. For the first time the Walled City Sessions is going live with a night of fantastic music from the best local talent the City of Culture has to offer!

Originally a podcast series interviewing local artists and showcasing their musical skills, Sherlock Studios is pleased to announce the first ever live recording acoustic session! We want you to come along, enjoy the music, get the craic going and be part of the recording!

Featuring Conor McAteer Sounds Like Summer Winner , the sublime Betty Harrigan and the fantastic Andrew Orr, plus a few special guests - this is a chance to hear and support local artists and be part of a podcast that will be made available world-wide after the event on iTunes! The festival that is big enough to showcase the best and small enough to meet the people you need to meet The Celtic Media Festival's aim is to promote the languages and cultures of the Celtic countries on screen and in broadcasting. The Celtic Media Festival is supported by broadcast, film, cultural and economic development organisations throughout the Celtic countries.

The Festival is an annual three-day celebration of broadcasting, film talent and excellence from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man. Celtic Media Festival is coming to Derry in , look out for local events from 18thth April, including free screenings and workshops. A special two hander of Jack Scoltock plays by resident theatre company at The Playhouse, and leading Northern Irish theatre Company for adults with learning difficulties Lilliput.

Derry for a very, very special cause. The Foyle Hospice has been caring for our relatives and friends for the past 21 years. They work tirelessly to ease the physical and emotional pain of serious illness every day, allowing patients and their families to spend quality time together when they know that each day they have is becoming more precious. The Hospice movement has perfected the art of caring. Locally the Foyle Hospice needs to find over 2 million pounds every year in order to continue to provide the quality of care for which they are reknowned.

Our "Art of Caring" exhibition will show-case the talent of artists from Derry and Donegal and beyond. Many of these artists are already world-renowned and their paintings are not only beautiful but are an investment for the future. Investing in a piece of art will give you years of pleasure as well as being an increasingly valuable asset. Many up and coming artists are also showing their work, so there will something to suit all pockets! Our exhibition gives you the opportunity to support the work of the Foyle Hospice whilst enriching your lives with a beautiful piece of art.

We would also like to thank local art expert Mr Ken McGilloway for all his support and advice. Remember folks this is the opening night of the Jazz Festival in town, so pop in and view our exhibition before you go on to your chosen venue. The City of Derry Jazz and Big Band Festival is set to return for its 11th installment in and this year brings with it another exceptional year in terms of international jazz and blues and showcasing local and up and coming talent. The event officially marks the start of the summer making it the perfect location for music lovers everywhere to visit for an activity filled May Bank Holiday weekend.

This year's festival will attract some of the biggest names in the jazz industry including international performer Van Morrison, and festival favourite, the soulful Ruby Turner, who is one of many jazz legends swinging into town to be part of the weekend of musical celebration.

Other events taking place as part of the festival include the Guinness Jazz Trail, an open air market, outdoor gigs and performances and a range of fringe events for all the familThe festival is a firm favorite on the local music scene and is successfully making a name for itself across Northern Ireland and beyond as it grows in stature and attracts audiences from across the country to experience up and coming jazz talent, international artists and local performers. Since its inception the festival has steadily broadened its scope to include jive, swing, boogie, dance, rhythm and blues in addition to traditional and more mainstream type jazz.

The festival is a true reflection of the cutting edge of musical talent in the city and offers the perfect opportunity for visitors to experience at first hand the city's reputation as a young, vibrant city on the cusp of new opportunities and celebration. The festival is synonymous with getting everyone involved and creating a real buzz and energy across the city.

It has a broad appeal, attracting audiences from all ages and musical tastes with a strong family friendly focus and the ability to get the city to its feet with a scorching blend of musical sounds. Don't take our advice however, why not come and see for yourself? Click here to Download the Programme.

Or for that matter George Washington, the Queen and global Armageddon? Find out as Laurence Clark embarks on his one-man mission to sell the benefits of free healthcare to America. Inspired by the furore over health reforms both sides of the Atlantic, Laurence heads off with camera in-hand to find out exactly how he Americans view our NHS. Punctuated with bizarre incidents and amazing characters, this is comedy at its best. Laurence Clark is a comedian, presenter, writer and actor.

He is the subject of a groundbreaking BBC1 documentary, was awarded Shortlist magazine's Funniest New Comedian and recently won a commission to develop a comedy show for the Olympics The city's exceptional physical and community story will be used to explore the resilience and adaptability of place through themes of heritage and culture, community and social capital, economic regeneration and urban design.

The Congress will draw an international audience and will engage directly with the host community in purposeful inquiry through interactive workshops that will share learning and leave a lasting legacy. With lots of joyous celebration thrown in it promises to be our most distinctive and memorable Congress yet. For updated programme details click here or visit www. Threads of Resilience is a Playhouse ICAN production facilitated and directed by Ailbhe Hines in collaboration with local women from Omagh and surrounding areas, all of whom have never acted on stage before.

Participants have come from diverse cultural backgrounds to create a performance which documents their personal and community experiences, sharing stories of the Troubles and their experiences growing up in Omagh. ICAN is an innovative project with a programme consisting of international residencies, local projects and conferences. The story of well known local character Barney 'Bagpipes' Hasson by his grandson returns to the stage at The Playhouse.

Everybody comes to terms with the biggest change- loss- in their own way. So says playwright Brian Hasson, whose debut play 'Changes' opened to a paked house and standing ovations at The Playhouse last year. Barney Hasson, known locally as 'Barney Bagpipes', was well known in the city for his work with beloved Colmcille Pipe Band, who will also be performing on the night. The Playhouse is pleased to present the triumphant return of Stan McGowan's highly acclaimed sell out show, which tells the moving story of the death of the young and beautiful Prehen House estate heiress, Miss Mary Ann Knox, who died by the hand of her much older lover, Mr John McNaghten.

The story has engrained itself, down through the centuries, into the consciousness of the North West, was brought to the stage for the first time at The Playhouse to great acclaim. To book contact The millennium Forum Box Office on or book online at www. Michael's Died. Who's going to do the readings? Will there be a lock-in at Packie's? Why did he only get twenty Mass Cards? The family and friends of Michael gather for the sit up on the sit up of his funeral, so don't open the Jameson until tomorrow.

The company will produce an array of satirical theatre, high quality film and television and commissioned work for corporate clients. Channeling the spirit of the jester, and taking inspiration from the great satirists of the past and present, King's Fool's mission statement is to hold a mirror up to the world, in a mischievous but potent manner.

The Cathedral Youth are photographing and collecting images of citizens for an exhibition about people and places in the Fountain community. Chris Kavanagh not only bears a remarkable resemblance to Luke, his natural singing voice is extremely similar to the iconic voice of The Dubliners. Accompanied by excellent musicians, uillean pipes, banjo, whistles and guitars form the back drop to this high quality production. This performance by one of the greatest ballad voices of today, Chris Kavanagh, is not to be missed by fans of Luke Kelly, The Dubliners and Irish Ballads in general.

Early booking is highly recommended. Not every woman gets to spend a night with George Clooney, but Bridie Murphy does! Let's face it, Bridie's life hasn't been all parties and premieres like George's, but it's a life full of drama nonetheless. Over the course of one evening, she takes George on the journey of her life. From the terrible lows to the hilarious highs, and charts the course to her unlikely future. With the all-important razor sharp black Belfast humour, this hilarious night of theatre is sure to leave everyone wishing that they too could spend 'A Night With George'!

O'Connor's performance is lively and brimming with endearing working-class attitude' Northern Period Productionsis a living history company specializing in staging historical presentations. They have staged historical presentations with various councils, private companies and corporate bodies including Duchas, the National Trust at Castleward, Castlecoole and Springhill. It should be a fun day playing with Historic Props and Costumes and it is free for all actors. Places are limited. To celebrate the release of her stunning self-titled second album, singer and actress Bronagh Gallagher and her brilliant eight piece band have announced a week of shows in Ireland.

With this golden group of musicians and carefully chosen analogue recording equipment the music pays homage to the sound and essence of the great producers of the 60s and early 70s - the music that Bronagh adores. The fantastic ponydance hoof their way through words and dance, bringing you their interpretation of Saturday night television at its worst, ad breaks and all except for the news because that's depressing. They say you can't please everybody all of the time Catch this brilliant dance theatre company before they go global. Hailing from Viriginia, Furnace Mountain is the very best of authentic old-time American roots music.

It is at times lively and raucous, with spirited fiddle melodies weaving in and around the powerful rhythms of the bass and bouzouki. It is at other times poignant and poetic, with sublime vocal harmonies beautifully interpreting some of the oldest songs ever written. In America, they count the Coen Brothers amongst their biggest admirers. Ethan Coen is such a committed fan that he has asked the band's Aimee Curl to audition for a part in their next big movie.

Ronan Kearney and his inspiring 8 piece band headline the return of the popular Jammhouse in The Playhouse. Ronan will bring violins, ukulele, guitars, beautifully executed harmonies and perfectly arranged percussion to the latest in the booming bi-monthly music nights at The Playhouse. After a sell out crowd for the fabulous 'Little Hooks' in May, the monthly live gig opens its door to a fresh array of local talent on Saturday June 9.

The musicians who have been playing at the music video project The Sofa Sessions launched on YouTube now take to the stage to entertain and amaze the live audience. All these videos can be seen on facebook. Ronan Kearney is hugely popular online with more plays on Soundcloud. His followers' comments on his tracks are a testament to the beauty he finds in music. Ronan currently has over 32, listeners online and his song "Always" has nearly 7, plays alone.

Joining Ronan is another group of musicians that show the calibre of local talent, proving that expensive tickets do not have to bought to receive a monthly musical treat at The Jammhouse. Are you ready to be a Champion? We need you to help us sort out who's not playing fair in The Game Show. Students from post primary schools in the diocese have submitted entries for the Sr Aloysius Memorial Prize and winners will be announced at 2. Feel the terror while depth chargers explode and torpedoes come racing towards you. Ursula started the war operating in home waters.

On 9 September , she fired the first British submarine torpedoes of the war when attacking the German submarine U Through regular meetings in the last few years, performance artist James King and painter David Hegarty have decided to pool their talents to produce Furrowed Lives. The book features David Hegarty's paintings-a collection of images of real people he has known in the community and some from his imagination. James King has made a written response to the drawings in the form of poems, seamed with his own perspective on life. Furrowed Lives will be available on Amazon from June 28 when it is launched at the Playhouse.

The Artists, mostly first time paintershave created a collection of twenty eight paintings. The subject topic of which is mainly of Land and Seascape, using Oils, brush and palette knife. The group were tutored and guided by local artist David Fahey. The Rosses is a high quality sheltered housing facility located in a quiet private location just off the Limavady Road.

The scheme is managed on behalf of the Oaklee Homes Group by Niamh the Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health andincludes 34 self-contained single and double apartments along with a number of separate bungalows. If you, or a family member would be interested in visiting The Rosses or learning more about the accommodation and support services available, please contact Phyllis Kealey, Project Manager on or e-mail bss.

Starting at The Playhouse from March will be The Jammhouse, a musical showcase of talented local musicians. This will be a live music event provides a great platform for the promotion of local bands and solo artists. The acts playing on the night have been chosen from The Jammhouse Sofa sessions- music video sessions held during February and broadcast via the The Jammhouse's Youtube channel. This event, headlined by John Deery and the Heads, will mark the first of the bi-monthly Saturday night showcases. Link Fest is a new festival taking place in the bars and venues of waterloo street and beyond.

Set up to showcase the talent within the city of Derry and to have a great weekend of top class local music, the festival will take place on the 13th and 14th of July. Northern Ireland's longest running Children's Arts Festival will celebrate its 20th year with a vibrant selection of art themes to suit children from 4- 12 years of age. Also launched this year will be the A. A team of fully qualified facilitators will teach a wide and colourful variety of classes, including Visual Art, Drama, Music and Dance.

The Festival runs Monday-Friday between July 16 to July 27 and is divided into 3 main workshops-. Tots : year olds, 10am Children: year olds, 10am- 3.

To book and for further information please contact The Playhouse on 0 28 Another in a series of hotly tipped bi-monthly Jammhouse Saturday night showcases at The Playhouse. Rising star Soak was the first artist to sit on the jammhouse sofa and has gone from strength to strength since. Now releasing her 2nd EP Sea Creatures after selling out her 1st at gigs throughout the north west. Soak will be joined by two support acts from the sofa sessions on the night.

The sofa sessions are open to all artists who get in touch at facebook. With St Columb's Cathedral, the City Walls Heritage Project is adding a bit of colour to the streets with a 10 minute reenactment of the firing of a cannon at the Cathedral Gates on the hour! The Cathedral will also be open for visitors on Sunday afternoon. Two officers on horseback will periodically parade through the main gates in between.

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All are welcome to come along to view the performances and visit the Cathedral this Sunday afternoon. Details of other events planned can be found at www. Following a sell out performance and standing ovations in the Derry Playhouse in August , this comedy is back again by popular demand as part of a tour across Northern Ireland for this years Pride Festivals.

Galatea takes a fresh look at the Pygmalion legend from a gay perspective; it is a play about life, love, loyalty, class and art. Or Click here to read about the show on Lawrence Aronovitch's website. A festival of digital culture and technologies promising an eclectic mix of film screenings, digital arts installations, live music performances, public workshops and a major games tournament.

This Saturday September 1 The Jammhouse reaches new heights by co-organising the best Irish line-up of talent its seen this year. These bands have already proved their worth headlining around Ireland, but now they all play on one night. The Jammhouse is providing two stages for non-stop music from all these great musicians. The night will follow a "Ping Pong" effect from stage to stage keeping the atmosphere fully alive at all times. CultureTech have kindly come on board with The Jammhouse as part of the CultureTech Festival running all this week in the town.

Details of all gigs including a free Duke Special gig can be found on the CultureTech website. They create live music videos to the top standard for all the acts on the night. All acts on the night will have a music video created and edited to help promote themselves on "The Best Kept Secret's website with an average traffic 20, hits. Tickets for The Jammhouse live music event Saturday September 1 at 9. Contact The Playhouse box office on for more information.

This innovative production combines projected images with sounds gathered from the city and archives to form a hour frame into which are placed stories, monologues, duologues and caught moments. Numerous artists from throughout the North West are creating a performance that reflects the lives, history, losses and hopes for the future of the people of Derry. Derry Story is phase one of the ongoing Derry 24 project, which will continue to develop and change throughout the coming year - come along and add your story!

Colin has played sell out shows throughout Ireland, and at the biggest and best comedy festivals around the world including Edinburgh, Melbourne, Montreal, and of course The Big Tickle at The Playhouse.