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Cass Grafton. Christmas at Pemberley. Regina Jeffers. Assumed Obligation. Kara Louise. Assumed Engagement. Elizabeth Ann West. More Letters from Pemberley. Jane Dawkins.

Letters from Pemberley: The First Year

Penelope Swan. Love and Laughter. Jann Rowland. Love Wins. Elizabeth Martin. To Refuse Such a Man. The Prosecution Of Mr. Darcy's Cousin. By Consequence Of Marriage. The Blessing of Marriage.

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A Tender Moment. A Respectable Man. Aubrey Anderson. Renewed Hope. Rose Fairbanks. A Virtue of Marriage. Tess Quinn.

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Darcy's Brides. April Floyd. No Other Choice. Leenie Brown. Pamela Lynne. As Good as a Lord. A January for Jane. Darcy's Rival.

Letters from Pemberley: The First Year

Dearest, Loveliest Elizabeth. Lady Harriette. The Trouble With Horses. Zoe Burton. Jack Caldwell. Darcy's Deal. Sufficient Encouragement. Mistaking her Character. Maria Grace. Darcy's Love. So Far Away.

Pride and Predudice Rosings and Pemberley Interiors

Expecting His Proposal. Diana J. Decisions and Consequences. Darcy's Reluctant Bride. Freya Scott. Harriet Lark. Her Father's Choice. Scarlett Rossi. Lady Elizabeth.

Darcy and Mr. Collins's Widow. Timothy Underwood. He Taught Me to Hope. Particular Intentions. LL Diamond. The Ballad of Gregoire Darcy. Marsha Altman. What He Would Not Do. Lelia M. Once Upon a December. The Parson of Pemberley. Jane Grix. An Unlikely Bride. An Unwavering Trust.

Letters from Pemberley: The First Year - PDF Free Download

Darcy's Passions. The Ruling Passion. Darcy felt an obligation to order the church bells to be rung and to arrange a wedding celebration for his servants and tenants. This took place a week ago. Jane, I had not an idea that so many people were under Mr. Darcy's protection, and was quite astonished at his knowing so many particulars about them all-the names of children, a wife's recovery from illness, the addition of a barn, the success or failure of a crop.

My heart swelled with pride as I saw not only the ease with which he conversed with everyone and accepted their congratulations, but also the respect and admiration in which my dear Husband is held by one and all. I recollected my surprise when, on showing us Pemberley last August, the housekeeper had declared Mr. Darcy 'the best landlord and the best master that ever lived.

Your own sweet nature would not wish me to say so, yet I must acknowledge that you alone, dear Jane, will not share my astonishment: you, who from the very beginning of our acquaintance with Mr. Darcy defended his character. The servants' hall was decorated with evergreens and ribbons and looked very festive. Darcy had engaged musicians and he and I led the first dance to much applause, though we had the good sense to remove ourselves early that the revelers might better enjoy themselves unencumbered by our presence, and so the dancing continued until ten o'clock, followed by supper.

Georgiana will join us from London in ten days and it is agreed that together we will begin visiting and carrying out those necessary social duties which will probably give little pleasure to either of us. Darcy and Georgiana are both uneasy and shy in social situations outside the family, and their circle is therefore small, so at least I shall be spared the agony of close inspection by a multitude! But it will be a trial of sorts for all three of us: Mr. Darcy will be anxious for his acquaintance to approve of his wife, and for his wife's approval of his acquaintance; Miss Darcy will be anxious to please her Brother by pleasing me; I, of course, am anxious to please Mr.

Darcy by pleasing his acquaintance! What a circle of anxiety, one which I will laugh myself out of sooner or later, I am sure, though I fear that it is too early to begin teasing my dear Husband and Sister out of their share. Yet I shall not scruple to confess to you, my dearest Sister, that amid all this elegance, and notwithstanding the affectionate heart of my Husband and our real happiness in each other, there are days when I feel quite heartsick: for your company most of all, but also for Longbourn and our quiet, ordered family life-even Mamma's nerves provoke a certain nostalgia!

The enormity of Pemberley, beautiful as it is, and the responsibilities of being its mistress sometimes threaten to overwhelm, but my courage, so far at least, has risen to the occasion. I flatter myself that nobody but myself, and now you, knows my worries and uncertainties, least of all my dear Husband, whom I would not wish to cause pain and who, as you see, does everything in his power to please me. No, you will think me an ungrateful creature, so let me hasten to add that everyone here at Pemberley makes great efforts to make the newly-minted Mrs.

Darcy how strange that still sounds! If they do have any doubt of my competence and fitness for the role of mistress of Pemberley, they are good enough to keep it to themselves. See All Customer Reviews.

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Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview In this continuation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice , one of the best-loved novels in the English language, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself in a very different league of wealth and privilege, now as Mrs. Dawkins now resides in Key West, Florida with her husband, several cats and a dog. She has been a Jane Austen fan most of her life. Show More. Average Review.

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