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Old Saint Paul ;s - Book. Old Sai. Reproduced from a rare Victorian catalog, its attractive motifs are.

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Authentic Turkish Designs Dover Pictorial Archive This book has many clear black and white illustrations of Turkish influenced designs. This collection features Dover books are made to last a lifetime. Many of the designs are at. Mengele ;s laboratory to drown out the screams of his victims.

The true story of this heroic woman. It ;s criminally boring and horribly stupid. At that point his mental and emotional stability began to suffer, and he became increasingly fanatical, blind to any interpretation of the evi. Paper Trail. Contact Information. Hear the roar. Unleashing the storm. The fever has begun There's a storm rising. Auntee said: Boy did I love this one. Feel the heat. A fun second to the three book series. The fever has begun. Diet and exercise books can get. Eat Like a Ca. View Gallery. The main story line is about 2 sisters and each one is finding her way through their family, faith and life.

I found this to be a good character story that I breezed through quickly. I am glad I waited till all books were available before I started reading. That way I could finish within a brief period of time and not have to sit on pins and needles wondering what next. The characters are realistic and and the events are realistic. Of course there are little things that seem less believable although when you know some things about the Amish being accepting of the Lord's Will and plan in their life, it is more understandable.

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This story has a climatic ending that made me want for more. I am sincerely thankful that Ms. Lewis writes series, because sometimes a writer can get you so caught up in the characters and their world that I hate to leave it. It was an enjoyable book from start to finish. I was skeptical at first, being afraid that reading a book about Amish life would not relate to me at all, but Lewis with her writing style is able to transfer feelings and emotions that transcends cultures. I deeply connected with the parents, because like them, I, too, worried about choices that my adult children are making.

The main story was well written and very sweet with enough mystery to keep you engaged. Great reading if you want something that will make you feel good and encourage you. Of course this is book 2 of a Trilogy so I would strongly advice to buy book 1 "The Thorn" before engaging in this one. I was not paid to write or read this book. Beverly Lewis is one of the best Authors of Amish Fiction. I have all her books. This latest book, The Judgement, was an easy read in one long afternoon.

The characters and their lives become part of you when you read a Beverly Lewis book. However, I found this book will absolutely require you get the third book of the series. There were so many unresolved issues and tormented lives by the time I reached the last page that I was left hanging in limbo. It left me sad and yes, I have pre-ordered the last of the series.

If she and her family needed to leave the farm, she wanted to remember the barn like this. Caught in the vortex of the Great Depression, the Hess family needs to work and sweat and pray for every mortgage payment on their Ohio farm. Their savings disappear when the bank fails, and prices for farm goods drop ever lower. Disaster sweeps across the entire nation, and no one knows when—or if—things will get better. But even when life seems to hopelessly out of control, fourteen-year-old Annie finds that God is still unchanging and eternal source of true riches.

This is a story of faith and trust, of loving and sharing, of giving and receiving. Strange gift indeed! We enjoy receiving gifts. Though our small minds cannot always understand, God's gifts are always for our good. The thorns He gives are gifts with divine purpose.

The bitter threats rang in Rebecca's ears long after the young men had slipped back into the shadows of the Costa Rican hills. How could someone her family had cared for harbor such hate toward them? But despite the dark cloud that hung over them, Rebecca and her sisters continued to pour their energy into caring for the special-needs foster children in their home. Then tragedy struck, and the dark cloud seemed to envelop them. How could God bring a song out of their darkness? They've come to get copies of the Great Book. Disagreements and church splits can be disillusioning, both to those within our churches and to seekers.

Some want to relax church standards in order to be more relevant to the surrounding culture. Others rigidly adhere to traditional lines. Both have strong arguments to back up their views. Who is right? Many of us have wondered at times, Is church life, as I am experiencing it, really what God had in mind? How can ongoing friction accomplish God's plan? Some have decided it's not worth it and have checked out, thinking it easier to worship at home than to deal with the personalities and opinions in the larger church.

Others keep attending church but are constantly on the lookout for something else—something a little more compatible with their view of church. In Church Matters , Gary Miller compares the current state of the church with God's original vision as seen in the book of Acts. His examination of God's purpose for your congregation is a thought-provoking challenge to complacency and drift, and to the conflicts and struggles that keep us from reaching others with the Gospel. A sequel to A Faithful Father. This is a compilation of true life events experienced by a young couple who dared to follow God's leading.

James and Charlotte Huskey's faith and confidence in God were deep. They did not hesitate to obey God's call to go to the mission field. This led them through many dangerous and exciting adventures. Charlotte gives a first-hand account of how God supplied needs when it seemed impossible. She tells about James' arrest, of emergencies with no way to send for help, and how they were stranded in a burning desert. She relates how God miraculously healed their bodies, sent help just in time, and directed their lives. This book is an excellent resource for parents who desire to build their children's faith.

At the end of each episode there are questions for discussion. Children will look forward to family worship time. It will provide an excellent opportunity to help them see that God is real and that His way is truly best. A sequel to Mabel. Alvin watches the cruel Great Depression rip away his assets and the dry scorching wind of the Dust Bowl destroy his crops, yet he keeps his faith in God.

He inspires his family to work hard, play together, and sing and pray at the end of each day. Through the providence of God, they migrate to Oregon and soon own a farm in the lush Willamette Valley. These true stories will inspire fathers to stand strong in a time when men are cowardly, deserting their place in the family and society. This memoir is about Mabel, a remarkable young girl left alone in the world. Her life is shattered when both her mother and brother die, and her father abandons her.

While struggling to survive, she is mistreated and falsely accused. Mabel's strong faith in her heavenly Father is put to the test. Will she ever have a home to shut out the cold or a family with hearts of love as she once had? After enduring four turbulent years, Mabel receives a letter from her papa. It is postmarked Oklahoma City. She uses all her money for a train ticket and goes searching for him. It is , and without any modern communication, will Mabel find her papa in a city of 90, people?

If by a miracle she finds him, will she be able to love and forgive him? Mabel's young life is shipwrecked and torn to bits. She is troubled on every side, yet she is not forsaken by her heavenly Father. Will He ever restore her life and mend her broken heart?

Can she believe in His plan for her life and trust He will give her good things when all she has known is affliction? The Graber family has a busy growing season ahead of them, and the entire family pitches in to help. Thirteen-year-old Gloria finds herself busy in the greenhouse—restocking the racks with fresh flowers, designing attractive planters, answering customers' questions, and ringing up sales.

Each day brings its unique customers and its unique challenges. In working with many people and their varied circumstances, Gloria finds opportunities to learn valuable lessons from their lives. She soon discovers that a growing season is for more than just growing beautiful plants. It is for growing in understanding the needs of her own heart and for developing a character that is beautiful and blooming for God. Sanford was a little boy who like to do big things.

Ideas sprouted inside his head like weeds on a rainy day. Sometimes his ideas worked out well, but other times Well, Sanford discovered that little people just can't do all the things that big people can do. He would just have to wait until he was older. But Sanford didn't want to wait; he wanted to be grown-up right now. What would it take to help him grow up fast? This coloring book has lots of wild animals your children will enjoy coloring. Mast published by Rod and Staff Publishers. Andy carried his pocketknife everywhere.

Escaping the Amish – Part 1

He used it in the barn and in the woods. He carried it to the pasture and to the orchard. One day, Andy even carried it to church, where pocketknives do not belong. He had a big surprise waiting for him that Sunday—and an even bigger surprise fifty years later. Esther loves to go to market to help Papa sell his vegetables.

She likes to place the vegetables neatly on the tables and then to talk to the people who come to buy them. But market days do not always go as planned. A thunderstorm, a gusty wind, and a fluttering newspaper turn one market day into an astonishing surprise for Esther and her papa. Two big tears roll down Rosy's cheeks.

The little white car goes up the hill and down. It takes Rosy farther and farther away from the big white house where she had lived with other foster children. The white car goes up and down another hill and around a curve, There is a big tree with a swing. And Rosy feels afraid. She puts her arm around Rosy. They love little girls. Fear and sadness fill her life, and she does not understand the feelings in her own heart. But God has something better for Rosy. He loves Rosy, and He knows what she needs. He knows that the kind man and the sweet lady will help Rosy learn about God and find rest in His love.

Nick is fed up with life. Family, financial, and relationship problems have made his life difficult. And everywhere he looks, he sees pointless, purposeless pain. Natural disasters strip some of all they have. Others become victims of war, terrorism, political upheaval, and random shootings. Many experience the ravages of hunger and sickness. Suffering is everywhere!

But most amazing to Nick is that in the midst of all this agony and chaos, there are simple-minded people who still believe in a supreme being—one who could stop all the suffering, yet allows it to continue. And then they have the audacity to say their God is good! Nick has just one simple question: In light of all the facts, how can anyone say God is good? In this book you will feel the terror of nineteen-year-old missionary apprentice John Heckewelder in the Ohioland.

Left alone on the Muskingum River by his mentor, Christian Frederick Post, young Heckewelder suffers hunger and sickness. In a complete reeducation campaign, Big Indian shatters all the pet myths of the Whites that Turtle had been taught. It was all so different from the "history" Turtle had heard during his Eastern Pennsylvania upbringing. Struggle with Turtle in his isolated and lonely condition to decide if the tales Big Indian tells are the truth or only fabricated stories to make the Indians look good and the Whites appear as villainous thieves.

If Big Indian's tales are true, will the rising anger Turtle senses in Big Indian lead to yet another war in the Ohioland? Find the answer to this terrifying question in Tomahawks to Peace. A house to build in tropical Belize. Piles of food and piles of dirty clothes. Caring for aging parents. More babies. Added to the duties over the years was a husband who worked hard but also fostered harmful habits. Although Gertel was grateful for her family, sometimes she had to cover her eyes and sigh with exhaustion.

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Children who were not her own needed Gertel's care, and her husband became an invalid. Gertel reflected. The Bible said, "Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. Would the results of her hard work ever come back to bless her? Bill and Pauline Miller's plans for peaceful family holidays were abruptly overturned when Christmas Day found Bill unconscious in a hospital bed, fighting for his life against a mysterious disease.

As the family gathered at his bedside, no one could guess whether they would be celebrating the holidays together or planning a funeral. While hundreds of people prayed earnestly for Bill's healing, Pauline and the family battled doubts, questions, and fear as they repeatedly chose to trust God's goodness in spite of their circumstances. In the meantime, Bill's faith was also being challenged and strengthened by the remarkable things he saw and experienced while unconscious.

This book demonstrates the power of God and the sufficiency of His grace in hard times. But it also testifies to the incredible blessing of belonging to a church where members love and care for each other in times of crisis.

How Miriam Toews left the church and freed her voice.

The Bible has many interesting stories about preachers and their sermons. God used these preachers to teach the people about His laws. Bible Sermons is a collection of stories about various sermons in the Bible. It teaches the importance of hearing God's Word preached and obeying what we hear. God has a jealous interest in His people, and He is always ready to help those who obey Him. The candle was burning in a small room off the passageway. It showed a desk cluttered with printed pages. Then he saw something on the window shelf and forgot the cold.

It was the Great Book. How much do you know about the cities and towns mentioned in the Bible? Could you still visit these places today? This set of two books gives the Biblical accounts, followed by more current information to link the long-ago names and places to modern towns and countries. Each chapter contains simple, hand-lettered and -colored maps that are easy for a child to follow in creating his own with the blank maps provided at the end of each chapter.

Suitable for children in the lower grades. Daniel enjoys being a helper. He gathers vegetables from the garden for Mother and puts tools away for Father. Each day is a day of helping and learning for a seven-year-old boy. Daniel also enjoys playtime with Laddie, his big collie. Laddie can play ball and do some tricks. Daniel loves his pet, and he is sad one day when Laddie gets his foot caught in a raccoon trap. He worries about his pet, but Father assures him that God cares even about dogs like Laddie.

Daniel enjoys his friends too, and he wants to cheer them up when they have hard times. His friend David must sit in a wheelchair every day. Thomas has a broken leg, and cousin Nevin has diabetes. Daniel wonders why God allow some people to have so much sadness in their lives. Through his daily experiences, Daniel finds joy and contentment in knowing that God cares for each of His children in the way He knows is best. Each book contains 24 Bible verse posters that can be colored. Also available in Spanish.

Children are naturally sympathetic toward those who live in unfortunate circumstances. This book, with its poetic narrative and bright pictures, will spark that sympathy and help your children understand that they live in much better conditions than most. These page books are composed of simple, basic, outline pictures of common things that children see around them every day. Their small size, 8" wide and 5" high, makes it easy for little ones to handle.

The name of each picture is printed in bold letters on each page. Your child will love paging through this booklet with lots of full color pictures throughout. Try it yourself—see if you can flip through these photos without cracking a smile! Plastic coil bound with durable pages for young hands. Dive into the wonders of discovering the amazing creatures of the ocean, or visit the zoo every day in a beautiful book featuring gazelles, bears, gorillas, leopards, and many more zoo animals.

Beautifully detailed artwork of North American wildlife for children and adults to color. Your toddler will enjoy the colorful pictures of this board book as they become familiar with animals of the Bible. Perfect for taking along to church. The pictures are taken from Favorite Stories from the Bible. All around Martha are beautiful things she cannot see—the green grass, the sky, and the light of the sun.

But Martha's life is full of light because she walks with God. She spreads sunshine wherever she goes. Her neighbors know her as a person who lives to give and does not complain. A full-color children's book. Kevin, Violet, and Andrew live in a happy home on Dogwood Hill. With Christian parents to help them, the children learn important lessons about life. When Andrew shares an unkind story about one of his friends, he learns about slander and how it hurts others.

The discovery of purple beans in the garden brings the opportunity to learn about wastefulness. Lively, roly-poly puppies give the children a chance to learn about treating animals kindly. A wheelbarrow load of tomatoes teaches perseverance. The natural world around Dogwood Hill also inspires learning. From cardinals and monkey flowers to doodlebugs and bats, the children learn to see the hand of the Creator. The Family at Dogwood Hill contains thirteen stories for children five to seven years old. Witmer published by Rod and Staff Publishers.

Leroy Martin smiled as he drank in the freshness of the May afternoon. Blue skies, a gentle nip in the air, and the tender green of bursting buds filled the countryside. From his perch on the tractor seat, he could see his father's fields stretching before him—three hundred acres of a well-managed farm. The barns and pastures held a herd of cattle that was known to be one of the finest in the area.

Leroy enjoyed his work on the home farm, but life held more than just work.

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He also enjoyed his friends and their frequent ball games. Eva, a fine young lady, also held a place in his thoughts; and altogether, it seemed that life was working out in a satisfactory and comfortable way. But his complacency was seriously jolted when his friend Mark—the most valued athlete on the team—no longer had time for ball games. I love to have fun. But where does God come in? Am I dying daily for Christ, as Paul did?

Leroy tried to forget his friend's concern, but disappointment and tragedy suddenly brought him face to face with the most serious question of his life and one that he could not ignore: What really does God require of a Christian? Twelve-year-old Andrea looked forward to spending four summer months at Grandpa and Grandma's delightful little cottage on Sage Street. With her sister Amy and her brother Alex to keep her company, the days would fly swiftly until Father and Mother returned from their missionary trip to India.

But the cottage on Sage Street is small, and Grandpa and Grandma do not have a garden, because plants do not grow well in the Sage Street area. The rest of the neighbors living on Sage Street are older people—like Grandpa and Grandma. What will three lively children do all summer? That first evening, Andrea's thoughts churned as she prepared for bed. If only she had a place to plant flowers, she would be content. But it was out of the question , for the soil was so poor that most plants refused to grow.

It was too bad, for surely the older people who lived in the other cottages would also enjoy a hobby like growing flowers. Then—the very next day—an empty sandbox frame sparks Andrea's great idea. Not only would she grow flowers on Sage Street, but she could also be a missionary while she was at it. Due to the limited vocabulary, younger children may enjoy it as well, but because it deals with issues of repentance and salvation, be careful not to make young children in their innocency feel guilty and accountable to God. What can be done to prevent it?

How can we protect innocent children from its emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences? Are there ways to shield them? Should we talk about sexual things? How much? The seventeen authors of Protecting Their Purity provide biblical encouragement and practical answers to one of the most important parenting questions of our day.