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Death of Otho the GreatRenewal of anarchy in Italy. Origin of the Normans in ItalyThe pope opposes. Alexanner ii chosen by the reforming partyIIo. Gregory remonstrates with the emperorDisturbed. The emperor meditates revengeRudolf crowned. Honohius ii Innocent ii Anacletus ii St. Otras ediciones - Ver todas The lives of the popes Lives Vista completa - The Lives of the Popes. Lives Sin vista previa disponible - In each city she encounters one of the seven deadly sins, but those sins ironically reverse one's expectations.

When the character goes to Los Angeles, for example, she is outraged by injustice, but is told that wrath against capitalism is a sin that she must avoid. Between and , the American painter Paul Cadmus created a series of vivid, powerful, and gruesome paintings of each of the seven deadly sins. Ferdinand Mount maintains that liquid currentness , especially through tabloids , has surprisingly given valor to vices, causing society to regress into that of primitive pagans : "covetousness has been rebranded as retail therapy , sloth is downtime , lust is exploring your sexuality , anger is opening up your feelings, vanity is looking good because you're worth it and gluttony is the religion of foodies ".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Mortal sin. For other uses, see Seven deadly sins disambiguation. For other uses, see Deadly Sins. Aquinas , Scotus , and Ockham. Renaissance and Modern. Adler G. Main article: Lust. Main article: Gluttony. Main article: Greed. Main article: Sloth deadly sin. Main article: Wrath. Main article: Envy. Main article: Pride. This section contains too many or too-lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry. Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally-worded summary with appropriate citations.

Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. May Main article: Acedia. Main article: Vanity. The Institutes. Newman Press of the Paulist Press. Sin and Its consequences. What are the capital sins? The capital sins are mortal sins of their own nature, and the sources of many other sins. They are seven in number: pride, covetousness, lust, gluttony, envy, anger, and sloth. What other sins ought we to fear most? The other sins that we ought to fear most are sins against the Holy Ghost and sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

The Institutes First ed. Cistercian Publications. Retrieved Church Publishing, Inc. The Lutheran Hour. Retrieved 26 March Thirdly, the United Methodist Jesus reminds us to confess our sins. How long has it been since you have heard reference to the seven deadly sins: pride, gluttony, sloth, lust, greed, envy and anger? United Methodist YouthWorker Movement. American Lutheran Publicity Bureau. The world-renowned Evangelist, Billy Graham, presents in this volume an excellent analysis of the seven deadly sins which he enumerates as pride, anger, envy, impurity, gluttony, avarice, and slothfulness.

Sayers , Purgatory , Introduction, pp. Christianity Today , Vol. Catholic Encyclopedia. American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language 5th ed. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Retrieved February 4, — via The Free Dictionary. The Seven deadly Sins: A companion. Cosimo, Inc. Retrieved January 2, The Conquest of Happiness. New York : H. Law, Violence, and Community in Classical Athens. Cambridge University Press. Retrieved March 6, Durham University. Retrieved October 1, Values, Violence, and Our Future.

The Autobiography. Hitler — Hubris. New York: W. Hitler — Nemesis. A Greek-English Lexicon. Oxford: Clarendon Press, Atlas Obscura. For nearly a hundred years after the Reformation, excepting in cathedrals, churches, and chapels, there were no Bibles in Wales. Sir John was a layman, a sturdy Protestant, and a man of considerable influence and ability.

Lutheran Churches in Early Modern Europe. The Lutheran emblem of a rose was painted in a sequence on the ceiling, while a decoratively carved pulpit included the Christo-centric symbol of a vulnerating pelican. The interior changed to a degree in the s when Philip Tideman produced a series of grisaille paintings depicted the Seven Virtues which hang from the gallery behind the pulpit , as well as decorating the wing doors of the organ.

BBC News. February 18, Retrieved July 24, Speaking in the medieval world.

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The making of the Magdalen: preaching and popular devotion in the later Middle Ages. Princeton University Press. Retrieved 30 June Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Prints and Drawings. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art. Arthur Dover Publications. Mount, Full Circle p.

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Seven deadly sins. Seven virtues in Christian ethics. Christian philosophy. Categories : Catholic doctrines Christian terminology Cultural lists Seven deadly sins. Henry VII declared himself head of the Anglican Church, issued new rules for services and life within the church. He destroyed the Roman Catholic monasteries and, effectively, did away with Roman Catholicism in England forever.

He was unequivocally a good man who was neither ambitious nor greedy for power. Michele Ghisleri was born in Lombardy to poor but noble parents. Although, normally, he would have been expected to be trained in a solid trade to help his family, the Dominicans took him to the Monastery of Voghera where he was brought up in austere piety. He entered the Dominican order and at 24 was ordained as a priest.

He taught religion and philosophy and worked with the novices. He was an excellent example to the novices. As Cardinal he continued to show his zeal. One might say that Ghisleri was misguided now but he acted then entirely and consistently according to his faith.

Pope Leo X

He gave large alms to the poor, instead of distributing his charity at haphazard like his predecessors. As pope he practiced the virtues he had displayed before. He was still pious and, in spite of the work of his office, he made at least two meditations a day on bended knees. In his charity he visited the hospitals, and sat by the sick, consoling them and, if necessary, preparing them to die. He washed the feet of the poor, and embraced the lepers. Adapted from New Advent: Catholic Encyclopedia. Despite his piety Pope Pius V did not neglect the office.

He banished luxury from the papal court, raised the standard of morality, and attempted to reform the clergy. Despite his humble beginnings he also worked assiduously on an international level. He fought for Catholicism in the Netherlands by supporting Charles of Spain, in France by encouraging the Catholic League against the Protestants, and in Germany against heretical princes. However, his main passion was to oppose the Turks in very practical matters. He supported the Knights of Malta … the hospitalers of the Crusades, and gave money for the fortification of Italian towns.

He broke into tears when the Catholic forces won the battle of Lepanto setting back to Turkish invasion. He was in the middle of negotiations to unite Europe against Islam when he died. The young man studied law at the Collegio Romano and from there he climbed the steps one-by-one directly to the papacy with a pope at his elbow every step that he climbed.

He was created a Cardinal of Sant' Eusebio in He had arrived at the innermost of circles but probably knew nothing f life outside the church. The French faction refused to vote for a candidate who was nominally friendly towards Spain … good man or not. It was Cardinal Firenzola, the Spanish candidate that they were targeting. Cardinal Mazarin, the prime minister of France put the hit in.

That last step needed someone else to slip from it. Pope Innocent X was pliable … he bent with the wind. Soon after his accession, he was forced to take Barberini to court for misuse of public money. Barberini fled to France for the protection of Mazarin. Innocent X issued a papal bull announcing that any Cardinal leaving Rome without permission and not returning would forfeit all his properties and benefices and the Cardinalate itself. The French Parliament declared his announcement null and void.

Also, his papacy was tainted by his dependence on Donna Olimpia Maidalchini, the wife of his deceased brother. But he was unable to get along without his sister-in-law, Donna, and at her instigation Astalli was deprived of the 94 John Graham 95 purple and removed from the Vatican for reasons unknown except perhaps jealousy.

The accusation made by Gualdus Leti in his "Vita di Donna Olimpia Maidalchini" , that Innocent's relations with her were immoral remains on the books. France retaliated by annexing Avignon and Venaissin. The Pope cooperated with the enemies of the French Republic. Basseville, in Rome, that led Napoleon to attack the Papal States. At the Truce of Bologna in Napoleon dictated the terms: twenty-one million francs, the release of all political criminals, free access of French ships into the papal harbors, the occupation of the Romagna by French troops and more.

Because 96 John Graham 97 the pope refused to submit, he was forcibly kidnapped from Rome five days later and taken first to Sienna and then to Florence. Who deserved this? Giovanni Angelico Braschi was like many others who reached the papal throne. He was born into a noble but impoverished family and was sent be educated at a Jesuit mission and to study law at Ferrara.

Then, he retired to become a commendatory Abbot at Subiaco. Close on fifty he had already had had a good career and expected to live out his years in peace. How often do we not achieve the simplest of goals? Braschi had no chance to savor the life at Subiaco because he was elected Pope almost immediately and his responsibilities were in Rome. At first France, Portugal and Spain had opposed his election because of his Jesuit connection. He also allowed the Jesuits in Prussia to retain their schools. His first difficulties involved the Emperor Joseph II of Germany who forbade his Austrian bishops from applying to Rome for anything and he suppressed innumerable monasteries.

Pope Pius IV went to visit him in Vienna but the Emperor only granted him an audience with a minister. However, as soon as the pope had gone on, the Emperor confiscated the monastery. Thereafter, he appointed his own bishop to the See of Milan. However, by this time Pius IV had had enough. He threatened the Emperor with excommunication. He was persuaded to avoid the subject and they parted on good terms, the Pope having given the Emperor the right to appoint bishops to Milan and Mantua.

They organized a synod at which certain papal doctrines and papal supremacy was eliminated. Pope Pius VI had another rebellion on his hands. The rebellions continued. In Germany, ecclesiastical leaders in Mainz, Trier and Cologne and the Archbishop of Salzburg attempted to curtail papal authority. The king refused to acknowledge papal suzerainty and more than sixty Sees were vacated. Seven years later Pope Pius VI was allowed to fill them in a temporary compromise.

The new lands in the Americas were, by comparison, un-troublesome to the Pope. The See of Baltimore was founded and filled in Eugenio Pacelli was born in Rome in as the third child of devout Catholics … both lawyers. They had four children: a boy and a girl before Eugenio and another girl afterwards.

Eugenio was a thin child who suffered from stomach problems that persisted through his life, forcing him always to be careful of his diet. The apartment must have felt much like the law office of the Vatican. It certainly affected Eugenio. He sounds to good to be true. He was modest and never appeared before his brother and sisters without being fully dressed with a jacket and tie.

However, his mind worked overtime with great subtlety and Papal Cupidity cunning on occasion when needed. He was the perfect combination of a churchman and a lawyer. He had both a gift for languages and an excellent memory. It was said later that he learnt Portuguese well enough to be able address the Brazilian Parliament in just 40 days. Just a few years before his birth the Popes had lost their lands to the emerging Italian state formed from its disparate republics and in the papacy even lost Rome and was allotted a much smaller property, now the Vatican.

It was threatened that the Pope might even be considered a normal Italian citizen. Pacelli entered the Vatican at the age of 24 John Graham with this background of international affairs and church law. He collaborated on the reformulation of church law, the Code of Canon Law, which was then distributed in to Catholic bishops and clergy throughout the world. In and already an archbishop, Pacelli became papal nuncio, or ambassador, to eliminate all existing legal challenges to the new papal doctrine. At the same time, in Munich, he was to reach a treaty between the papacy and Germany, which would supersede all other agreements and be a model of Catholic church-state relations.

It would also recognize certain powers of the State. Britain would enter the war that year when Hitler invaded Poland with whom Britain had a defensive treaty. France followed soon after. Vatican history says that he was being careful and trying to protect the Roman Catholics of Germanoccupied territories, but it also meant that they were provided no authoritative voice of support. His actions, or lack of action, were not strange for a careful lawyer.

He was impeached. The difficulties, anxieties and trials of the present hour arouse, intensify and refine, to a degree rarely attained, the sense of solidarity in the Catholic family. They make all believers in God and in Christ share the consciousness of a common threat from a common danger. Do We need to give assurance that Our paternal heart is close to all Our children in compassionate love, and especially to the afflicted, the oppressed, and the persecuted?

The nations swept into the tragic whirlpool of war are perhaps as yet only at the "beginnings of sorrows" but even now there reigns in thousands of families, death and desolation, lamentation and misery. The Papal Cupidity blood of countless human beings, even noncombatants, raises a piteous dirge over a nation such as Our dear Poland, which, for its fidelity to the Church, for its services in the defense of Christian civilization, written in indelible characters in the annals of history, has a right to the generous and brotherly sympathy of the whole world, while it awaits, relying on the powerful intercession of Mary, Help of Christians, the hour of a resurrection in harmony with the principles of justice and true peace.

These words, without a single negative word about the Nazi regime, would hardly bring solace or support to people being transported in cattle trucks to concentration camps across Germany and then being herded into gas chambers. Of course, the Pope also had a dictator of his own living in the same city. Benito Mussolini carefully courted the Pope and declared Italian policies that woman should work only in the home; that divorce and John Graham contraception should be banned that were in accord with those of the Pope.

They were henceforth not allowed to marry non-Jews, and could not work in state offices or in any banking establishment. Transport to Auschwitz- Birkenau may have been in the offing. Several catholic writers have claimed that denunciations of Hitler by Catholic Bishops in war-torn Europe were the words of Pope Pius XII even though they did not come with the authority of his voice. Sister Mary Pascalina looked after him for forty years. She was his woman and very protective of all his wishes, protecting him from unannounced visits and the like.

She was therefore thoroughly disliked by the papal staff and ecclesiastical visitors. Her diaries were published as a biography 'La Popesa. The Nazis could and did ignore him. There is no evidence that Giovanni mixed with anyone but church people after high school. The idea would not have been strange to Montini since his uncle, an Admiral, was a co-founder of the Italian fascist party. Fascism must have been applauded at home. Montini was an important man dealing with both sides: it seems that on one hand he amassed large sums of money to assist European Jews although no word is provided of what happened to it and on the other hand he assisted Nazi officers to escape the collapse of the Third Reich.

He was even said that he tried to arrange a separate peace for Italy with the United States. In Montini became Archbishop of Milan, although not a Cardinal on the next possible occasion. However, the next pope, Pope John XXIII did shortly appoint him as a Cardinal and this made him a favorite for election when the pope died of stomach cancer. Finally, in , he was elected.

He took the name Pope Paul VI. It was the first official visit to a Pope by a head of the Anglican Church in years.

Both noted the historic nature of the occasion. Speaking of ''formidable difficulties of doctrine,'' the Archbishop expressed the hope that there would be increasing dialogue between theologians.


The initiator of this meeting was Archbishop Ramsey the Anglican Pope who knew full well that religious observance was declining throughout Europe and that both Churches needed help. An alliance between these two religions would strengthen Christianity everywhere. Ramsey had made earlier visits to the United States with the same message Papal Cupidity of unity to Protestant groups. However, the Pope saw the offer only through a Roman-Catholic filter and apart from a promise to think about it, discussions got nowhere.

Pope Paul VI missed the opportunity handed to him of a monumental alliance that might also, one day, have included the Protestant communities. Maybe it is because of this, that the Roman Catholic Church in Europe in has steadily declined. It has difficulty in even finding candidates for priesthood while the congregations of its churches have dropped to miniscule numbers of a few old people.

The churches are being increasingly converted into art galleries. This may have arisen from the idea that Christ Yeshua bin Yosef and his disciples were celibate, carefully omitting the presence of Mary Magdalene, a probable prostitute, in their midst. Moreover, Peter had a wife and children. There is good reason to believe that Paul was homosexual. Unfortunately, forcing human beings into an unnatural state results in unnatural consequences.

Priests forced to live with only other men resort to homosexuality just as those in jail or the army do. Throughout the years priests and popes have been accused, and rightly so, of sodomy and worse. Other priests have not been above abusing nuns and children in their care. The most enlightened Catholic communities turned a blind eye to their heterosexual priest having a faithful live-in housekeeper, who appears to be more than a cleaning maid.

Indeed, she herself might employ cleaning maids. France in particular seems never to have had a problem with Papal Cupidity homosexuality amongst the clergy, perhaps because of this blind eye. The celibacy restriction also makes it much more probable that new priests are not only celibate but also active homosexuals before they even come to the priesthood. The Church is a haven for men like this. Even though this state of affairs has been going on since the Catholic Church was founded, the latter half of the 20 th Century and early 21 st Century has seen a raft of exposed cases of paedophilia and sex abuse in the Roman Catholic churches and their institutions.

In most of these cases, when a priest was accused in the past, the bishop simply moved him on to a new parish … and if it happened again, to new victims. They continually put new parishioners in danger. The church, with the acquiescence of the Vatican, took care of its own.

However, between and , 4, U. Indeed, the Vatican swore them to secrecy. In the United States some dioceses have been bankrupted by the financial penalties that have been exacted from them … the Boston and Los Angeles dioceses in particular. Despite all this, no Catholic religious leader yet admits that problem priests were dumped in Alaska. A Papal Bull is recognized for its leaden seals or bullae, which attest to its authenticity. It provides strict religious guidance for the faithful. This guidance is not advisory … the faithful are expected to follow the words of an infallible pope.

Papal Proclamations are announcements of the actions of the church … that this person is now a saint and so on. They are not of concern outside of church members. A Papal Encyclical is, in the strictest sense, is a letter, usually treating some aspect of Catholic doctrine, sent by the Pope and addressed either to the Catholic bishops of a particular area or, more normally, to the bishops of the world. Today, however, things are different.

The Roman Catholic Church knows that. The church therefore encourages church John Graham websites and blogs … at least those with their aegis and who propagate their message. Recognizing that Papal speechwriters are bound by convention extending over 2, years, they have very little opportunity to be either current or honest.

This particular speaker had decided not to rock the boat. They took a page. Paying tribute to the various levels of church workers from Cardinals of the Sacred College on down took twice as long with twice as meaningless words. We are all obliged to work to raise the world to a condition of greater justice, more stable peace, more sincere cooperation. Therefore, we ask and beg all — from the humblest who are the connective fibers of nations to heads of state Papal Cupidity responsible for each nation — to work for a new order, one more just and honest.

We do not condemn the Church of Rome … it does a far better job of condemnation by itself. They and his friends called Karol Jozef, Lolek. Wadowice, where he was born, was a town of 8, Catholics and 2, Jews 35 miles southwest of Krakow. The Wojtylas were strict Catholics, but did not share the anti- Semitic views of many Poles. They knew Jews. One of Lolek's playmates was Jerzy Kluger, a Jew who many years later would play a key role as a negotiator between the papacy and Israeli officials, when the Vatican extended long-overdue diplomatic recognition to Israel.

He skied, hiked, kayaked and swam.

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Unfortunately, two accidents, one with a truck and one with a streetcar left him with back problems that gave him a severe stoop when he was tired. Cardinal John Paul II gave the impression that he was different from the prior Polish church leaders who were openly against Communism. He travelled everywhere across the globe.

He made trips in 25 years covering , miles to most countries of the world … other than China. One cannot blame him for travelling and speaking across the world … except for the messages that he left. Despite his upbringing under the Nazis and his youth under a Communist regime and his extensive visits to other societies since becoming Pope, John Paul lived more in the distant past than anyone would have guessed. He was a very conservative and backward-looking Pope. He first determined that females had no part in Catholic services. It sounded as though he had uttered his deliberation in the 10 th Century.

Fortunately, enlightened Catholic dioceses continued using girls and boys equally in their services. Several of his edicts make no sense in a modern world. It was as if he had lost his way or was never on any path in the first place. Yet, the Pope refused to see this mass beatification as a provocation arguing that it had nothing to do with politics. It is difficult to see whether the Pope was blind or was ignorant for the Spanish Bishops were deep in politics opposing government reforms on such matters as civil marriages.

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However, the greatest damage done by Pope John Paul II was his strict adherence to the idea that, at all costs, procreation was a duty of men and women and that nothing should stand in the way. The use of condoms he declared to be evil. The prevention of the spread of these diseases was imperative lest whole societies be eradicated.

However Benedict refused to recognize existing reality and stated that the protection against AIDS is only obtainable through abstinence. Of course, at the same time he urged that men and women not abstain from procreation. The papacy under Pope John Paul II was "flatly dismissive that the Vatican was about to release a document that will condone any condom use.

He did not recognize change or that he was administering an organization in a different society from that which existed in the 1 st Century. The College of Cardinals expected the opportunity to consider a successor more carefully fairly soon. To date, , they are still waiting while Ratzinger travels around at His adopted name of Benedict hides the worst of his upbringing as a prior member of the Hitler Youth.

The Church announced that his membership was unavoidable, but this statement carefully ignores the fact that Catholic youth groups were allowed in Nazi Germany. It was not mandatory for a Catholic to join the ultra-right Hitler Youth. Ratzinger was born in in Marktl am Inn in Bavaria, the son of a police officer. In the family moved first closer to the Swiss border since his father at least was opposed to the Nazis. Then they moved to the neighborhood of Traunstein when his father retired in At 14 Ratzinger voluntarily joined the Hitler Youth.

He tried to evade military service by John Graham reason of sickness but at 16 he was conscripted into the army to serve in the anti-aircraft corps guarding Munich defending the BMW factory. From there he was sent to serve in Hungary in anti-tank defense. When the allies arrived in , he deserted and went home. Ratzinger, as a soldier, was put into a Prisoner-of-War camp and made to attend de-Nazification classes.

After going through those he was allowed to enter a seminary from which he was ordained in The sum result however is that Ratzinger gained his Papacy with a past that many, inside and outside of the Church, consider, at best, dubious. On the plus side, he was educated at the University of Bonn and has a presentable academic theological background and was well grounded in the idealistic bases of the Catholic Church … so much so that like his immediate predecessor he seemed to have forgotten that the world had moved on apace even though he had experienced reality in Papal Cupidity the army.

His ideas and views were firmly grounded in the theories of the past. A Pope usually takes the easy way not to muddy waters however dank they may be. The revelations of pedophilia rife in the celibate Catholic Church in this 21 st Century has also revealed that Ratzinger, prior to becoming Pope, as Cardinal, was part and parcel of the policy of moving pedophiles, once revealed, to other dioceses where they could continue the victimization of young boys. He was also part and parcel of the policy and practice of demanding silence of John Graham those priests and bishops who knew what was happening.

No one was allowed to speak to civil authorities. He was as guilty as those priests that he helped to protect when they sodomized children and were moved on to sodomize more. We suspect that he cannot … since the myth of theological impregnability has long been dispelled by circumstances. Ratzinger is fully implicated with church pedophilia. Twice the club has lost a chairman to a prison cell. In return for the millions of dollars, players will have to spend 2 hours a week doing social work.

Meanwhile in Africa, , women die of pregnancy each year where contraception is not available and abortions are heavily restricted. Most Popes have been overly ambitious to reach the highest post in their profession, so much so that they have used cunning, bribery, and often direct force to attain the papal throne. There have been a few, very few, Popes who were elected against their will. Popes live entirely in the past … usually having spent years studying ancient ideas and out-of-date canons. Since Cardinals and prelates, who have the same limited background, surround them, the problem is compounded.

The idea that society develops, changes and needs revised ideas is strange to them. However, relegation of the Church to acres of the Vatican produced no change in Papal arrogance and it is John Graham unlikely that 21 st Century court decisions will have much effect either. Popes think more of the tenets of the Church than they do of human life.

This is reflected in their application of ageold ideas to societies in which they do not apply and often result in disaster. The condemnation of condoms is such a recent prescription. Even before this, in medieval times, the Popes waged war to protect their property at the total neglect of peasants who were conscripted as battle fodder in papal armies. Popes are men, but unnatural men, since they are required to be celibate. This colors their ideas about what is natural between men and, worse, between men and boys. However, some, in opposition to the church they governed, ignored celibacy.

Some sired families, albeit secretly. Popes consider women inferior creatures not worthy of service in the Church other than in procreation. Many dictators, from Adolf Hitler to the Dalai Lama, have held the same philosophy. Popes protect their own … in the face of all that is immoral and even criminal in the societies in which they operate … they hide their sinners. More than just a blind eye, Church procedures require the protection of church officers Papal Cupidity from secular justice whatever their sin.

Pedophiles, for example, were merely moved to other posts while their superiors were sworn to secrecy. Pope John Paul II was 85 when he died and his senility was clear in his later years. The tenets of the Catholic Church are all presented without doubt, whereas, in reality doubt exists in almost every deliberation.

Popes consider that the protection of the institution of the Catholic Church is of greater priority than truth or the relief of human suffering. No Pope has tried to change the archaic teachings of the Church. Indeed, many have censored new ideas at places of learning, especially those that look on religious matters from a logical or John Graham rational aspect. At best, a few popes have tried to reform the sinful behavior of priests and their leaning towards luxury and sloth.

And what good things can one ascribe to Popes? Some have been, individually, caring persons. However, that is faint praise to be ascribed to the highest class of Roman Catholic Church dignitaries. I leave it to the reader to discover general virtues. Peter 2. Linus 3. Anacletus Cletus 4. Clement I 5. Evaristus 6. Alexander I 7. Sixtus I 8. Telesphorus 9. Hyginus Pius I Anicetus Soter Eleutherius Victor I Zephyrinus Callistus I Urban I Pontain Anterus Fabian Cornelius Lucius I Stephen I Sixtus II Dionysius Felix I Eutychian Caius Marcellinus Marcellus I Eusebius or Miltiades Sylvester I Marcus Julius I John Graham Liberius Damasus I Siricius Anastasius I Innocent I Zosimus Boniface I Celestine I Sixtus III Leo I the Great Hilarius Simplicius Gelasius I Anastasius II Symmachus Hormisdas John I Boniface II John II Agapetus I Silverius Vigilius Pelagius I John III Benedict I Pelagius II Gregory I the Great Sabinian Boniface III Boniface IV Deusdedit Adeodatus I Boniface V Honorius I Severinus Papal Cupidity Theodore I Martin I Eugene I Vitalian Adeodatus II Donus Agatho Leo II Benedict II John V Conon Sergius I John VI John VII Sisinnius Constantine Gregory II Gregory III